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This video recording is only one possible staging of the performance, which was recorded during only one show.

IT - Artist's talk

1554 Plays

Record date: 22.10.2010

Venue: TQW/Halle G



"The performance IT deals with physicalities of enjoyment.

The choreography emerges from the physiological and sensorial manifestations of pleasure in the body of the performers.

IT is a desire machine of waste production, where the performers generate a landscape by means of enjoying the physical contact with raw materials.

A poem about the society of consumption and the environmental crisis it produces." (Amanda Piña)


The focus of IT is on the body and its articulation in the world: what is it that gives a movement a particular meaning – prepares readabilities and interpretations, links it with a particular order or practice? And how are these processes and practices of the allocation of meaning on the other hand themselves most deeply involved with our physical orientation and presence in the world – as inscriptions, resonances, imprints? As shared but nevertheless personal choreographic gestures – raw materials, seismographs, "witnesses" of the collapse.

The performance explores this complex interrelationship, the underlying principles of reciprocity and exchange and the elements of the construction of movements and their surroundings.

IT is part of a long-term research that the choreographer Amanda Piña and the fine artist Daniel Zimmermann initiated in 2008 under the title socialmovement and which analyses how individual bodies and movements provide information about social, political and economic forms of behaviour.





BY: Amanda Piña & Daniel Zimmermann | WITH: Ewa Bankowska, Adriana Cubides, Thomas Kasebacher, Amanda Piña, Dominique Richards, Daniel Zimmermann | LIGHT: Victor Duran Manzano | MUSIC: Erzumba (a.k.a. Christian Dergarabedian) | PRODUCTION: Katharina Bernard


SUPPORTED BY Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien and BMUKK. | A COPRODUCTION OF: Tanzquartier Wien and nadaproductions.


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