Editta Braun
editta braun company: Luvos, vol. 2

2008 Mal gesehen


Datum der Aufzeichnung: 18.07.2001

Ort: Kleines Theater Salzburg

Im Rahmen von: Szene Salzburg


«Luvos, vol. 2» , probably the most weird and simultaneously touching vision of a brave new world of GMO's playing havoc with humanity, choreographed by Editta Braun. The piece plays with alienation and familiarity of the human body, both as an instrument and an object. What new surprises can intense views of the human body reveal? How can one define movement, body contact, nakedness, when it is nearly impossible, first, to figure out to whom each body part belongs? When one faces, so to speak, bodily illusions? Composer Thierry Zaboitzeff places Luvos in a world of cool, computer-generated grooves.


choreography: Editta Braun

performers: Ulrike Hager, Sandra Hofstötter, Magdaléna ?aprdova, Zoé Alibert, Anna Reitbauer

composition: Thierry Zaboitzeff

lightdesign: Thomas Hinterberger

length: 55 minutes


Bundeskanzleramt, Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg

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