Willi Dorner
Dolly and me - Artists' talk

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 12.12.2008

Ort: TQW / Halle G


Dolly and me, the new production by the internationally acclaimed Viennese choreographer Willi Dorner, plays equally with the timelessly classical as well as currently highly charged motif of the doppelgänger: in 1996 the first cloned sheep was christened "Dolly", an allusion to the enormous artificial bust of the US country music singer Dolly Parton. This was photographed in 1985 by the pop-art pope Andy Warhol with his Polaroid camera. Warhol's confrontation with the problem of original and copy, his transfer to the film and music world with their icons and copies, also inspired Dorner in his intelligent new staging. The focus is on the social appropriation of appearance and the behaviour of the mass-media starts who nowadays decisively influence our everyday reality. The doppelgänger in Dolly and me appears as a variable patchwork creation, as a "media made" figure. Washed in all the waters of the media society and the entertainment industry, he projects himself in pictorial stories and undergoes a metamorphosis delirium in video clips.


Concept und Choreography: Willi Dorner; Dance and Choreography: Satu Herrala, Michael O'Connor; Stage design: Katharina Heistinger, Music: Heinz Ditsch; Kostüme: Tina Egger, Photos: Lisa Rastl

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