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The Circus of Life M: Macintosh - The Digital Life Pavilion

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 26.06.2015

Ort: TQW / Studios

Im Rahmen von: Première


the amazing toxic dreams and their cast of sad clowns present: The Circus of Life A – Z

For this year's season closing the Tanzquartier Wien is inviting TOXIC DREAMS and their guests to the The Circus of Life A – Z in the 21st century. In the tradition of the expos, 26 temporary pavilions cover all spheres of life by alphabetical order: sex, science, Hollywood, the arts, philosophy, economics, politics, sports, religion and much more.

Thus you stroll from A for Abramovi? through the Feature Artist Pavilion to Z for Žižek into the Philosophy Pavilion, linger a while at D for Death in the After Life Pavilion, roam I for IKEA, P for Porn or visit the Food Pavilion as in U for undercooked.

In The Circus of Life A – Z, the faculties and genres, high and low culture, the easy and the difficult blend in. Great architecture is being designed and the chess of politics is to be played, the audience attends a crash course in cooking or guests on a game show. Stand-up comedy walks hand in hand with experimental live art, pop meets avantgarde: our theatre flirts with dance, musical and the visual arts.


FRI, JUNE 26 –– A to M

A: Abramovi? – The Feature Artist Pavilion

B: Beatles – The Popular Music Pavilion

C: Cake – The Capital Pavilion

D: Death – The After Life Pavilion

E: Eureka – The Science Pavilion

F: Feldman – The Serious Music Pavilion

G: Gehry – The Architecture Pavilion

H: Hollywood – The Motion Picture Pavilion

I: Ikea – The Home Improvement Pavilion

J: Jokes – The Humour Pavilion

K: Keynes – The Economy Pavilion

L: Love – The Emotional Pavilion

M: Macintosh – The Digital Life Pavilion

SAT, JUNE 27 –– N to Z

N: Nature – The Wilderness Pavilion

O: OMG – The God Pavilion

P: Porn – The Sexual Pavilion

Q: Quiz – The Choice Pavilion

R: Radio – The Old Technology Pavilion

S: Sport – The Chess Pavilion

T: Tarantino – The Feature Director Pavilion

U: Undercooked – The Food Pavilion

V: Vienna – The Feature City Pavilion

W: Witness – The War Pavilion

X: Xenophobia – The Human Species Pavilion

Y: Youtube – The People's Art Pavilion

Z: Žižek – The Philosophy Pavilion

#ExpoReloaded #HighUndLowCulture #TheHumourPavilion #OMGPavilion #TarantinoTheFeatureDirectorPavilion #AndManyMore…



ACTORS/SINGERS/DANCERS: Irene Coticchio, Stephanie Cumming, Magda Loitzenbauer, Anat Stainberg, Peter Stamer, Yosi Wanunu, Markus Zett

MUSIC: Alexander Kranabetter (trumpet), Martin Burk (double bass), Martin Siewert (guitar, lap- and pedal steel, electronics), Peter Stamer (Keyboards), Michael Strohmann (bass), Alexander Yannilos (drums)

GUESTS: Arne Forke, Walter Heun, Robert Radelmacher, Peter Leeb, Lisbeth N. Trallori, Erich Dittrich, Barbara Gabriel, Jani Jan J., Reinhard Schurawitzki, Waltraud Widmoser, Susanna Gruber, Roman Schanner, Amelie Sztatecsny, Peter Warta, Jonas Ferdinand Kilga

VIDEO: Michael Strohmann, Timotheus Tomicek




CONCEPT AND DIRECTION: Yosi Wanunu and Peter Stamer

PRODUCTION: Kornelia Kilga              

As a five-year-old, the bassist Martin Burk, born in Heidelberg in 1988, decided on the double bass. At the age of 14 he began playing the bass guitar and became interested in jazz. Two years later he won the first prize  at the Jugend musiziert young musicians’ competition. In 2008 he joined the North-Rhine Westphalia Youth Jazz Orchestra in which he played for three years and toured China, Israel, Senegal and Malta. That year he also began his degree at the Cologne University for Music and Dance, which he completed in 2012 with a Bachelor of Music. Since 2014 he has been living in Vienna as a freelance musician. His current projects are the bands Existenzhengste, Burk, and the Angel Vassilev Unit.

Irene Coticchio is a Sicilian. She studied foreign languages and literature in Palermo/Sicily, trained as an actor with  Philippe Gaullier in London, and trained in singing and vocal experimentation in Italy, England and Vienna. Internationally she has played, among others, in productions by Robert Wilson, Walter Manfré and Andrew de L. Harwood. She has lived and worked in Vienna since 1996, among others with Georg Blaschke, Miki Malör, Bilderwerfer and Konnex. Since 2001 Irene has been a permanent ensemble member and in almost all of Toxic Dreams’ productions. Since 2009 she has been touring as a singer with her trio, with a repertoire of Sicilian folk and workers’ songs.

Paul Horn works as a visual artist in various media (painting, photography, installations), has been involved in various theatre and film productions as a set designer/outfitter (among others the Stadttheater Basel, Kurt Palm and Niki List) and has produced various videos in cooperation with Harald Hund on the Hund&Horn label, which have been shown and received awards internationally. He has been teaching at Linz University of Art (Institute for Fine Art and Cultural Studies) since 1998. With Toxic Dreams he has worked on Digital Cowboys, History of the World in 7 Days and Sweet Lies

Alexander Kranabetter, born in Vorarlberg in 1988, plays the trumpet. Degree in jazz and improvised music at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz; his current projects and bands are Existenzhengste, Month of Sundays, Luzid Chaors, and Gnigler, in addition to which he works for the music platform Freifeld.

Magda Loitzenbauer is a Brazilian, studied sport and ballet in Porto Allegro (Brazil) and dance teaching in Vienna. Until 1991 she worked as an actor and dancer in productions in southern Brazil, since 1997 she has been working as a dance teacher and since 2000 as a yoga teacher. In Vienna she has worked with the Serapionstheater, Pilottanzt, Superamas and Thomas Jelinek and since 2002 as a dancer and choreographer with the painter Roman Scheidl in the Tamamu ensemble. Magda has played in several of Toxic Dreams’ productions, including De Lady in de Tutti Frutti Hat, The Church of Warren Buffett, The Big Event and Sweet Lies.

Martin Siewert, born in 1972, lives and works in Vienna. Martin works as a guitarist and improviser, but also as a composer in acoustic and/or electronic contexts. Numerous collaborations and compositions for theatre, dance and film. Current projects and bands include Radian (with Martin Brandlmayr and John Norman), Trapist (with Martin Brandlmayr and Joe Williamson, Fake the Facts (with dieb13 and Mats Gustafsson, The Peeled Eye (with Boris Hauf, Steve Heather and Christian Weber)

Peter Stamer works as a director, curator, performer and mentor in the field of contemporary theatre and performance. During his theatre degree he worked as a dance dramaturge at the Mannheim National Theatre, in 2001 he was appointed as the person responsible for theory at the Tanzquartier Wien. In 2008 Peter developed the work and residency programme Practice at the Tanzfabrik Berlin and curated two editions of the Tanznacht festival (2008, 2010). In 2011 together with Silke Bake he realised the NU Performance Festival in Tallinn, in addition to which he has regularly worked at as a mentor at a.pass in Brussels. In his performative works he is primarily concerned with strategies of storytelling and dialogue improvisation. His most recent works include: For Your Eyes Only, The Waiting Room, A Future Archeology (in Berlin, Vienna and Cairo) and 26 Letters to Deleuze at Empac in Troy/New York.

Michael Strohmann is a composer and media artist. He studied computer science at the Vienna University of Technology and computer music and electronic media at the University for Music and Applied Art in Vienna. He is a bassist and composer in the group Fuckhead, with which he has played in numerous concerts and performances at home and abroad and published several recordings. Conception of sound installations and new music series. Michael is a permanent ensemble member of Toxic Dreams, he has composed music for many productions and is also Toxic Dreams’ video and computer expert. He won the Diagonale 04 prize for innovative cinema.

TimTom is a photographer and film-maker, studied at the Film Academy in Vienna and Paris and in Budapest. His artistic works have been shown and received awards internationally. He has current exhibitions in the Sage Gallery in Paris, the Lentos Gallery in Linz and the Jenkins Gallery New York. TimTom has been working with Toxic Dreams for several years. Among other things he designed the photographic novel Uncle Vanja  and was the cameraman for Tracking Kong.

Alexander Yannilos, born in Vienna in 1989, he works as a musician, sound technician/producer and events organiser. In 2011 together with Georg Vogel he founded the non-profit association Freifeld, a platform for progressive musicians and listeners which has since organised over 130 concerts. As a sound technician he has recorded more than 300 concerts and published 25 albums, since 2014 also as a producer on his own Freifeld Tontraeger label. He can be heard regularly as a drummer, among others in the band Existenzhengste.

Markus Zett received his training as an actor in Linz at the Anton Bruckner University, in Zurich, Munich and in the US. Since 2010 he has been an ensemble member of the Munich Fastfood  improvisation theatre as well as of Die Zebras in Linz,. Since 2000 he has been the artistic co-director of the Theaternyx in Linz. He has produced numerous solo projects as the author, performer and director. Among other things he also works with other independent groups and has played the leading role in several feature films and shorts. With Toxic Dreams he has worked in There’s a Rumble in the Jungle, or Theater is Evil – Radio is Good.



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