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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 27.04.2011

Ort: TQW / Studios

Im Rahmen von: Performance evening oft the artists-in-residence



BACK][UP is attempting to literally shed light on the least visible part of the human body - the back - both in the anatomical and psychological sense. In revealing its distinct sculptural ánd visual qualities in motion, Violeta Vitanova explores its fragmented boundaries and its potential of alienation. In a sense the back is the Other of our very bodies. The performance by Violeta Vitanova, which was initiated together with Stanislav Genadiev, is presented in the installation LUMEN by Stefanie Wilhelm.


To complete their two-month residency at the Tanzquartier Wien, which was made possible in cooperation with KulturKontakt Austria, the three choreogaphers and performers Aneta Stojni?, Bahar Temiz and Violeta Vitanova have been invited to show their current performance works.


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