Continuum movement. Awakening our fluid nature

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 30.11.2010

Ort: TQW / Studios



Continuum is an inquiry into the intelligence of the fluid system. From our ancient beginnings in the primordial sea to our embryonic origins, we have been shaped by the movement of water. We are the movement of water on land – fluids, tissues and cells that spiral, pulsate and undulate with life.


As we become imprinted by our education, environment and the society in which we live, we carry ideas and ways of moving that become habitual and set. The practice of Continuum gives us a chance to pause in our habitual way of functioning and to allow for new ways of perceiving to be discovered. The process is through our relationship with self as a biological organism.

This presentation on Continuum includes a talk, a DVD showing and a brief breath/sound and movement experience.






Linda Rabin (CAN) brings to Continuum more than 40 years of experience in dance, movement education, coaching and directing. As a teacher Linda facilitates individuals and professional artists to realize their personal, creative and performance processes. She is also a certified practitioner of Body Mind Centering®. An international Continuum workshop leader, Linda teaches in her native Montreal, Canada, the Middle East and Europe.


For more information about Continuum:

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