kültüř gemma!

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 22.01.2016

Ort: TQW / Halle G



The third edition of kültür gemma!, a project for the support of immigrant urban culture, comes to a close this weekend. At the intersection of performance and installation, scholarship-holders and artists Yusimi Moya Rodriguez, Cana Bilir-Meier, Marcelo Chaparro, Dafina "Duffy" Sylejmani and Njideka. perform and open space for a lively dialogue with the audience

and for Eisa Jocson, the guest invited by kültü? gemma! and the Tanzquartier Wien for the following night with her iconic performance "Host".






Kültür Gemma! is a project to promote city culture in Vienna as well as migrant art and cultural production. The core of the project is a call for proposals for four working grants for migrant cultural producers. The aim is firstly to establish the work by migrants in the field of culture and secondly to initiate a redistribution of means and an expansion of possibilities, which is a prerequisite for these aims.


As current studies* have shown, migrants are confronted with structural and systemic discrimination in the cultural field, something that the project opposes and takes seriously.


Kültür Gemma! seeks to actively promote opportunities for entry and establishment in Vienna and to expand the visibility and independence of migrant cultural work. At the same time, we remain sceptical in light of the policies of appropriation and exploitation of migrant “capital” practised under the motto of “diversity”, specifically also in art and culture.



Cana Bilir-Meier, (b. 1986 in Munich), has been living in Vienna since 2009. Completed studies in Art Education and current enrollment in the classes Video/Video Installation and Art/Digital Media at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. In 2013 she realized the short film "Semra Ertan", which was shown at international festivals, including the Short Film Festival Oberhausen, L`Alternativa Barcelona and Kassel DOKFEST. Her artistic and political approach focuses on the tension between critical representations of migration, biography_ies, archives and politics of remembering. In her cinematic, artistic and text-based works she deliberately uses strategies of the fragmentary and the incomplete to reveal the construction_s of biography_ies and (hi)story_ies.


Marcelo Chaparro, born 1968 in Diamante, Argentina. Actor, Script writer, director. Lives in Vienna since 2010. From 1990 to 1995 he completed his acting training and writing courses in Buenos Aires. From 1996 to 2010 he worked as actor in Argentinian and international television, film and theater productions (e.g. with the directors Marco Bechis, Hector Babenco, Tristán Bauer, Emanuelle Crialese and Ricardo Bartis) as well as directed independent theater projects in Buenos Aires. In 2004, he shot his short film “Muñeco“ that participated in film festivals in Argentina, Peru, Canada, Great Britain, Germany and Switzerland. He furthermore taught directing of actors at different film schools in Buenos Aires. As from 2010 he participated as co-script writer in Argentinian and European film projects. In 2013 he formed „Puro teatro – Viena“, a project for intercultural acting training and theater. Within the scholarship of „kültür gemma“ he will write a theatre play about the conflicts and tensions in the course of integration and inclusion of migrants in the job market.



Njideka utilises poetry and spoken word to form a point of departure for multilingual, cross-genre storytelling.


Inspired by the African heritage of Oral History, the London-born writer performs poetry as a means of sharing stories and knowledge beyond the written word, thus creating a mobile and accessible, narrative space of consciousness. On the 22nd of January 2016 the spoken word artist will perform as part of the Kültür gemma Showcase at Tanzquartier. The show will include the premiere of her spoken word video production and a live performance. The presentation is part of put poetic pressure on the wound, a project by Njideka, supported by Kültür gemma. For a sneak peak of what’s to come see:



Yusimi Moya Rodriguez (*1987) studied contemporary dance on arts university (Escuela Nacional de Artes) in Havana, Cuba. After her graduation as „Bailarina y Profesora de Danza Moderna y Folklorica“ she worked at the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba, the famous state-run folkloric ballet. Founded after the Revolution their work is dedicated especially to the afrocuban dance heritage. Later she was solo dancer at the dance company Ebony, where ballet, modern dance and afrocarribean styles blend together to form the typical cuban contemporary expression. She worked together with choreographers like Osnel Delgado (Mal Paso), Alberto Mendez (Ballet Nacional) or Isidro Rolando Thondike (Danza Contemporanea de Cuba). Since 2013 Yusimi Moya Rodriguez is living and working in Vienna. She staged her first dance piece on the occasion of „Points of Passage“ at Melk Abbey und was awarded a prize as contemporary dancer at the „Wien Welt Wettbewerb“. She is teaching regularly in Vienna and dance festivals in Europe.


Dafina "Duffy" Sylejmani lives in Austria since 2003. From 2009 to 2011 she absolved the education as furniture consultant. Since 2010 she is doing hip hop, rap and DJ/LJ-ing. 2013 she learned video editing and cutting at the VSG-Production school Linz. She absolved the course Mezzanin at maiz including the preparation for the entrance exame at the acadamy of fine arts vienna, where she was successfully accepted.


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