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Michael O'Connor

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 28.07.2014

Ort: Schauspielhaus

Im Rahmen von: 8:tension Impulstanz


For the past 300 years, Newton’s theory of gravity can predict with complete accuracy how two moving bodies would interact. Unfortunately when Netwon added a third body to his equation, it rendered the problem unsolvable. The best physicists can do for three bodies is to predict their movements moment by moment. For me, predicting the actions of bodies is not a mathematical formula, but one solved by empathy. It is suggested people with autism or sociopaths lack these brain functions that allow us for example, to feel with our eyes. ‘Watching is like feeling’ is a neuroscientific claim that TERTIARY puts to the test. There are no interacting minds or brains but only interacting bodies or persons.


Concept: Michael O'Connor Choreography & Performance: Raul Maia, Michael O'Connor, Karin Pauer Sound: Alexander Kasses Production Manager: Claire Granier Supported by: Wien Kultur, Raum 33, BMUKK, TanzQuartier Wien, theatercombinat, Mumbling Fish.

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