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Saskia Hölbling

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Ort: TQW / VIE

Im Rahmen von: Performance


“F on a pale ground”, the previous work by Saskia Hölbling, showed ritually captured bodies that discovered imaginary courses, paths of desire and of repulsion. With “secret sight”, the artist returns to a more intimate materiality of the body, which now explores an abstract landscape, a composition of movement, tones, voices and light. As if cut out of the white stage, bodies emerge from the plane, distinguish themselves from and encounter each other – in twos, in threes. Circumstances arise from these encounters – interruption, demarcation, consolidation, acceleration – like signs that fill the empty page and register themselves as well as dissolving in an infinite movement of coming and going, of tension and relaxation.


A body appears, a body disappears, withdraws into itself, crosses a shock zone. A body forgets its boundaries, deranges, deforms another body. Even in a state of rest, the bodies are penetrated by lines – connecting lines, fractured lines, interrupted, broken-off lines, which are taken up again following different dynamics. A situation can arise from an encounter, a moment that does not belong to any of the bodies but which condenses the space: a situation that metamorphoses, attunes itself to other events. A situation that shifts in the space, that extends the concept of time; that can turn into the boundary with another situation, of another event, or dissolve, lose itself in the landscape. Voice fragments whirl around these convoluted bodies – singing, cries, whispers. Different levels of composition are gradually exposed, cross over without interpreting each other, touching each other without recounting stories of their encounter.


One gesture develops the next, cancels itself out, supports another development. Two bodies separated from each other answer each other right across the room. One line pauses, one line continues. Silence. One voice whispers, one speaks out, interrupts. Darkness.


“secret sight” can be read as a score, as a fugue whose themes are incessantly taken up anew. Through the interweaving of these vanishing points, that prevents their linear or narrative development, Saskia Hölbling seeks to allow a dimension to emerge from the encounter that does not precede the respective bodies, which says nothing more – and nothing beyond. Empty spaces meet one another around the bodies and the voices – facilitate an approach to the hidden perspective where observation gets a hearing.


Text by Gilles Amalvi



conception, choreography: Saskia Hölbling, dance, choreography: Saskia Hölbling Moravia Naranjo Stephen Thompson. music: Heinz Ditsch, lighting, technical direction: Reto Schubiger, artistic advice: Gilles Amalvi, video: Peter A. Egger. A DANS.KIAS production. Co-produced by Tanzquartier Wien and supported by the Choreographic Centre Linz in the framework of a residency. DANS.KIAS is supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna.

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