Saskia Hölbling

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Ort: ImPulsTanz festival

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You don’t have to go to the polar caps in order to lie on a bed of ice far away from the paralysing warmth. In the cold, one’s head finally clears. Peace at last. The body contracts into what is most necessary. The heart beats tangibly. The breath is short and shallow. Something starts to move and leaves the body behind to its pleasant paralysis.


Departure into the interim regions that lack any topography, into a lasting transience, a moving forwards in all directions, ever father away from the starting point. Constant building in the white void. An expedition into the sweet utopia of lasting forgetting.


The speed increases with the distance from the starting point. The escalation is a precondition – as if the world had stopped turning.


Text by Saskia Hölbling



conception, choreography, dance: Saskia Hölbling, music: Heinz Ditsch, lighting, technical direction: Krisha. video: Doron Goldfarb, artistic advice: Peter Kollreider, management: Simon Hajós, video: Peter A. Egger. A DANS.KIAS production. DANS.KIAS is supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna.

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