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Saskia Hölbling

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Ort: dietheater Wien

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Progressing a settling down – transparent berths – flexibility of a new nomadism – filtered lived utilities in rules – something to hold on – functional design – run on of time – engaged in a conversation – efficient exchange of assignments – codes – internal failure – traversed – differentiation on the surface – dock on, hold tight, slip off – knock against, pass along, fall down – lean on, bounce against, push into – strike at, pick up, lead to – going on – formed facades – penetrated in a chaos – progress – extensively linked turned towards oneself – surrounding of a transparent nomadic-culture – the contents it’s building stones


"in.tent/frame 1" focuses on what I call the "modern nomadism". It’s a reflection on the notion of efficiency, transparency and flexibility, catch words of today’s, which emptied their meaning, became pure facades.

In an environment of little islands of temporary rest, such as transparent tents, provisional berths, and some metal constructions to lean on, people progress. They live their lives. Side by side, sometimes engaged in a conversation, functional in a designed world, efficient, transparent enough to exchange on the surface and flexible enough to hop from one meeting to the next, to continue, to cultivate and deepen their image in a world full of possible identities.

Loss of intimacy. Loss of individuality. Too many possible assignments. Too well trained in pretending and representation.

The desire still exists, but facing one’s internal failure, one’s inability to leave the surfaces behind.


The working method of DANS.KIAS for this piece is based on these observations, it is based on the quick grasping, exposing and rejecting of thoughts to concrete physical and mental states, as a metaphor for the multiple identities and assignments.


The states developed I called "Kitchen" (for an every day living together), "Chatting", "Crash" (meetings with the desire to go beyond the surface) and "Functionals“ (collaboration for maximum efficiency).

All movement material was created through a long process of improvisation, and even remains improvised during the piece – captured in a strongly structured network. But most of it is written (fixed).


Text: Saskia Hölbling


conception, choreography: Saskia Hölbling, dance, choreography: Saskia Hölbling, Heide Kinzelhofer, Max Steiner, Andrea Stotter, David Subal, lighting: Krisha, stage design: David Subal, video: Peter A. Egger. Realised with the Prix d’ Auteur du Conseil Général de la Seine-Saint-Denis,/France (Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales 2000). Supported by the City of Vienna.

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