PINION & CROWN ensemble

Über PINION & CROWN ensemble

PINION & CROWN is an emerging dance ensemble based in Austria, founded and directed by Sara Marin and Griet Vanden Houden.

We search for situations, fractures and connections in society and life that we can express through dance. Supported by elements of theatre, music and multi media, such as visual projections, we seek to explore and integrate ideas of intensity, technique, sensuality, speed, spontaneity, change of direction, irony and trust into our work.

How does a Pinion and Crown gear work?

A pinion and crown gear works by meeting at an angle that allows two shafts to rotate at different speeds. The pinion and crown gear system can also allow a mechanism to change the direction of a transmitted motion, torque, and change speeds.
The pinion and crown parts are both unique in shape, enabling them to fit hamoniously together to create the joint. It is only when the pinion and crown meet that the balance and production of energy is possible.
A gear is one of the oldest power resources to generate movement.

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