About us

Tanzquartier Wien is a house of opening. We are interested in choreographical processes as operations on the ‘open heart’ of art and society. We understand ourselves and our work as a place and an act of hospitality, welcoming the other, the uncertain, and the pleasure therein. That is: Your pleasure therein! We want to create preconditions and motivations for a differentiated, inspired and socio-critical approach to contemporary dance and performance, and invite you to a joint experience and reflection of the choreographic.

The choreographic has an expanded concept of choreography – as a physical/spatial/temporal writing and reading method, as performative tension between expression  and exhibition, expanded to and in various forms, media, genres. We focus on the essential arts crossing quality of choreography as one of the most promising contemporary forms of thought.

Tanzquartier Wien expands the concept of dance with a parcours through the world which surrounds us and gazes at us, in order to instill art optics into political processes, and politics into artistic processes. We regard our world with the sharp eyes of contemporary dance, which again grants a precise fuzziness of forms and a keen permeability of content. In this, we ex-temporize contemporariness critically. We try to make our time talk choreographically, in order to make the movements in our society – in all their aesthetical, political, and social complexity – visible, movingly and through movement, and to reflect them choreographically.

Tanzquartier Wien is one of the foremost houses for contemporary dance and performance in Europe. Since its foundation in the year 2001 it has produced, presented, enabled, rethought, formed, and experimented together with contemporary artists. Our programme tempts you as well as ourselves never to stop scrutinising our thoughts and actions. We take up a critical position, investigating our actions as an institution, artistic quality and social relevance, and we aim to develop and guarantee sustainable artistic production processes.

Our weekly changing stage programme features guest performances and coproductions of internationally renowned artists from Austria and abroad, which we present from September until the end of April mostly at Tanzquartier Wien / Halle G and Halle E, in May and June at the Tanzquartier Wien / Studios, as well as in public space. The daily training and workshop programme offers professional dancers an opportunity for further education and networking. Monthly lecture series on annually changing, aesthetically and politically urgent topics provide space for intensive investigation and discussion. The publicly available theory and media centre offers singular research possibilities with the help of our unique library and videotheque – and as of the new season 2015/16 also with our online mediatheque, which gives access to the TQW archive and is a forum for the works of all artists producing in Austria.

Tanzquartier Wien is the central dance and performance venue in Europe, striving to rethinking the choreographic in aesthetic theory and artistic research. The advanced and continuous theoretical work puts historical concepts in relation with current movements of thought in various cultural contexts. We investigate the correspondence between body discourses, philosophy, politics, and religion, dedicate ourselves to asthetical and political topics such as the question of being-with, community, and others – beyond the politics of the day.

As we are situated in the Museumsquartier in Vienna, one of the largest areas dedicated to art and culture in the world, co-operations with other institutions play an important part in our artistic self-conception. As a motor for the further development of Austrian and international dance and performance, we initiate and participate in the networking of artists and institutions by establishing international projects, coproductions, support systems and information on a structural level, e.g., with the support model International Network for Dance & Performance Austria (INTPA), the European Dancehouse Network (EDN), and European co-operation projects such as Modul-dance (2009–2014).

Artistic processes are essential to us: they are coached, supported, initiated and also accompanied by us in risk. We want to support artists and promote their art. To this end we provide protected spaces where the incomplete may formulate itself, we bring opposite positions in resonance with each other, accompany working processes with friendly critique and open them up to the audience. Taking up open ends, leading them on and mediating between working processes, productions, and the public are central motivations for the curation of our programme of international guest performances, of coproductions, the theory series, artist residencies, workshop and mediation offers, and the artistic-theoretical parcours SCORES as well as our SCORES publications.

We invite you to participate in one of the most fascinating and seminal contemporary art forms, which makes time, bodies and spaces vibrate. We want to share our enthusiasm and our engagement for contemporary dance and performance with you!

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