Anne Juren / Alice Chauchat

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 21.05.2004

Ort: TQW / Studios


J'aime: I love, I like. Anne Juren and Alice Chauchat love dance. They love dancing and they do it uninhibitedly. The starting point of their work is their visibly demonstrative love of movement, which is reflected in the audience's love of watching the two dancers. At the centre of J'aime is the 'normal party dancing', which is playfully explored with regard to its movement quality. The music tracks of the Detroit DJ Assault bring out the passion and motivation to dance. The laws of the disco and of the theatre merge and open up an exciting view of contemporary dance. The French choreographer and dancer Anne Juren lives in Vienna, where she works with the DANS.KIAS company among others, and has successfully produced her solo works 'A?' Alice Chauchat lives in Paris and works with colleagues such as Thomas Plischke and Xavier Le Roy and pursues her own choreographic career.


Concept, choreography, dance: Anne Juren (AT/FR) and Alice Chauchat (FR); Stage design: Roland Seidel; Light design: Bruno Pocheron; Costumes: Alexander Wolff; Music: DJ Assault

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