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Peter Stamer
Taken at one’s word. The promise of the announcement

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 07.05.2010

Ort: TQW / Studios

Im Rahmen von: The Metaphors of Dance. A lecture series on broken words and hearts and legs (Concept & Curating: Krassimira Kruschkova)



A visitor to a contemporary dance performance in Ireland a few years ago sued the organiser. The grounds for his action: the announcement for the work had nothing to do with what was shown on stage. The spectator who demanded his money back had just taken the press release literally. What will probably go down in legal history as a judicial anecdote represents a real problem for many organisers, producers and choreographers: how are contemporary dance performances to announce themselves without either compromising the artists or putting off the spectators? The lecture takes some programme texts literally and analyses the involuntary metaphors of dance that shimmer through between the sales jargon and intellectuality.

Peter Stamer works as a freelance author, director, curator and performer in the field of performing arts.


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