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Civic Encounters: The Bakery

1821 Mal gesehen

Datum der Aufzeichnung: 02.10.2014

Ort: TQW / Studios


American dancer and choreographer Richard Siegal created an artistic network called The Bakery in 2005 devoted to interdisciplinary research and production. Along with performing artists, Siegal works with architects, composers, new media experts, designers, curators, and theoreticians. Together they explore new directions in performance related to technology and the other arts. The exploration of these relationships has resulted in interactive installations, such as If/Then Installed or Logic Gate, which have been shown in various museums and exhibitions halls, as well as dance performances and site-specific projects, as the most recent works CoPirates, Civic Mimic and Currencies & Collectives exemplify.



Christine Peters studied theatre, film and media studies as well as agricultural economics, English literature and Romance languages and literature in Gießen, Dublin and Frankfurt/Main. From 1992 to 1997 she was the project manager and from 1998 to 2003 the artistic director at the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt/Main. She has been working as a freelance curator since 2002, curating exhibitions and performing arts projects, and conceiving and chairing conferences and discussion events. She is the author of numerous catalogue articles, gives lectures at festivals and art biennials and is the co-editor of numerous publications. Her focus is on the crossover production of theory and practice in contemporary art, the promotion of transcultural debates and innovative modes of thinking in relation to a sustainable, permacultural civilisation and economy. She teaches “Curating in the Interdisciplinary Context” at various colleges and universities and lives in Frankfurt am Main.

Richard Siegal / The Bakery


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