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Andrea Maurer / Helmut Ploebst
ORG.ORG. 2 Legomena on an aesthetically-critical body ontology

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 29.05.2015

Ort: TQW / Studios

Im Rahmen von: TONGUES OF ARTISTIC RESEARCH. Double lecture series with artists and theoreticians (Concept & Curating: Krassimira Kruschkova)



"Cyborgs are our ontology", stated Donna Haraway in her manifesto for cyborgs 30 years ago. "The ontology of coexistence is the ontology of the body", wrote Jean-Luc Nancy eleven years afterwards. Nancy is a cyborg. He lives with someone else's heart, with the "intruder" as he describes this organ that has migrated into his chest. "Ontology of the body": This is the basic pattern for a test practice of artistic research from two perspectives, which the performer and artist Andrea Maurer and the dance theorist and author Helmut Ploebst bring to a state of temporary coexistence. As a prototype of artistic research this practice can reshape and remodel scientific norms in texts, protocols, image fields etc., rearrange them linguistically or in an algorithmically critical way, and embed the interpreting understanding in its existing flesh. So does the cyborg (cybernetic organism) of Dona Haraway find itself again as a cultorg (cultural organism) in the images of wanderings of the Nancyist organs?  She could be a post-socialist chimera and gender-discursive revenant of Plato’s "ball people", fighting against the techno-fundamentalist "google people". Perhaps in the process her body catches fire, with Prometheus!




Andrea Maurer's works question linguistic and perceptual conventions, usually in installative and/or performative formats. She has realised numerous projects with studio 5, founded together Thomas Brandstätter in 2007. The works for a seated audience (2010), The End (2011), meaning meaning (2012) and der springende punkt (2013) have been shown internationally. In 2013 Maurer was a awarded the Salzburg State Prize for Media Art for the installation Gesprächsgegenstände [Topics of Discussion]. Her current projects include numbers in pieces in collaboration with Ewa Bankowska, Die Baugrube [The Construction Trench] at the Festival of the Regions and Poelstra stolpert, Maurer sägt [Polestra stumbles, Maurer saws] in collaboration with Frans Poelstra as part of the exhibition An die Arbeit! [To Work!] in the Landesgalerie Linz.

Helmut Ploebst / Vienna. Journalist, researcher, specialising in dance and choreography. Dance/performance critic for Der Standard/Vienna. Founder, editorial spokesperson for the internet magazine Corpus University teaching: performance theory, IDA of the ABPU/Linz. Visiting lecturer, among others at: Salzburg University, MDW/Vienna and the HZT, UdK/Berlin. Project curator, head of arts labs. Book publications (selection): No Wind No Word – Neue Choreografie  in der Gesellschaft des Spektakels. Munich: K. Kieser 2001; with Nicole Haitzinger (ed.), Versehen: Tanz in allen Medien. Munich: Epodium 2010.


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