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My paradoxical knives

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 17.01.2013

Ort: TQW / Halle G

Im Rahmen von: SCORES No6: on addressing



Hey Sky, don’t turn without Me.

Hey Moon don’t shine without Me.

Hey Earth, don’t grow without Me.

Hey Time, don’t pass without Me.

What is a safe distance? How much proximity is necessary in order to change the relationship between what appears and what one sees? In order to get close to someone, to get involved in something unknown, in our curiosity, in a strange culture, without a double bottom, without a social safety-net, without country, without language, without translation.

My paradoxical knives explores the creation of a picture: the picture of a turning man who becomes the centre of moving knives. While he wipes out the sung words of a poem by Rumi with his feet, in reference to the circular movements of the Sufi dance, in his movements experiences of security and equality come together with the experience of vulnerability and danger. In his trance-like solo and with a memorable presence he reminds us that every creation of closeness and community is always linked with an act of separation. A dance like a deep breath. Poetic and – against the background of the censorship of expression and self-determination in Iran and elsewhere – simultaneously political.




CONCEPT: Ali Moini



FOLLOW-UP: Loïc Touzé

DEVELOPED in the context of the research-programme PEPCC Forum Dança


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