100 pas presque

1811 Mal gesehen

Datum der Aufzeichnung: 28.06.2014

Ort: Outdoor / MQ Haupthof


"Walking means continually falling.

Falling means learning to walk."

"To cross a space of 100 metres extremely slowly seems to me one of the most difficult things for a dancer to do. At the same time it is an invitation to perceive our surroundings under changed conditions, to think differently about ourselves and our relationship to others and to pose the question of where the place is for contemporary dance: in the world, in public space, there where one does not expect it." (Taoufiq Izeddiou)

With 100 pas presque Taoufiq Izeddiou, one of the most important representatives of the vibrant North African dance scene, formulates a choreographic challenge to pause in the loud, colourful, lively everyday life, in the centre of the Vienna Museumsquartier. To slow down the movements, the gestures, the gaze and to adopt a different rhythm, one that permits an altered perception of the body, space and time. The international group of dancers that the Marrakesh-based choreographer and dancer has gathered around him are accompanied by a group of local artists who take the audience with them on a journey: from concentrated silence into a dynamic, shared, dance, heard experience of joy.

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With: Hafiz Dhaou, Sabina Holzer, Saskia Hölbling, Taoufiq Izeddiou, Barbara Kraus, Meryem Jazouli, Rotraud Kern, Eric Lamoureux, Milan Loviska, Aicha M`Barek, Raul Maia, Anna Mendelssohn, Bernardo Montet, Marta Navaridas, Amanda Pina, Oleg Soulimenko, Elise Tambwe, Brigitte Wilfing

Music: MA78

Mario Rom (trumpet)

Florian Fennes (reeds, electronics)

Patrick Stürböth (guitar, Paddycaster®)

Philipp Moosbrugger (bass, sample-piano)

Niki Dolp (drums)


Taoufiq Izeddiou’s residency is made possible by the Artists-in-Residence programme of the Federal Chancellery (BKA) and KulturKontakt Austria (KKA).

100 pas presque originally arose as a closing act of the international dance festival on marche, which takes place every year in Marrakesh under the direction of Taoufiq Izeddiou.

In the framework of MQ Summer of Sounds in cooperation with the MuseumsQuartier Wien


VIDEO DOCUMENTATION: Reinhard Sockel / Anselm Tröster


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