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Arbitrariness, or Love as an Incident

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 10.12.2010

Ort: TQW/Studios

Im Rahmen von: The Apostrophes of Love. A lecture series on other political spaces for contemporary dance and performance (Concept & Curating: Krassimira Kruschkova)



Although “love” is one of contemporary society’s favourite means of exchange, it is subject to a very narrow definition. Thus one commonly believes that it involves two, and that these two might belong to the same species, although being of different sex. In the history of thought, however – that is, where one expects it the least – love under the title of “Eros” is the entry into a cosmic game.

Jean-Luc Nancy saw love as the “impossible”; I want to describe it as an incident that, between wealth and poverty, opens up a world in which we can move intelligently. Incident, game, movement – these central terms of contemporary dance are thus, to their own surprise, traversed by love.


Katherina Zakravsky is a philosopher, cultural-studies scholar, performer and curator. 1999, PhD on Immanuel Kant, lecturing on media theory, bio-politics, research project on the allegories of the trans-human, solos and group projects in the field of dance and performance, among others Liquid Loft and Pathosbüro (with Daniel Aschwanden).


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