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'Explain to me, Love.' Eroticism and Touch

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 11.03.2011

Ort: TQW/Studios

Im Rahmen von: The Apostrophes of Love. A lecture series on other political spaces for contemporary dance and performance (Concept & Curating: Krassimira Kruschkova)



Gerhard Neumann directs his attention to the rhetoric figure of the apostrophe, the “address” by an I to a you as the linguistic gesture out of which the erotic configuration develops: the formula “I love you” and the calling of the loved one’s name. Heinrich von Kleist experimented with this linguistic gesture as perhaps no other author has done in the search of a specific language of love: in his letters as in his works, Gehard Neumann attempts to draft a typology of these Kleistic experiments.  Gabriele Brandstetter raises the question of the possibility of an apostrophe of love in dance. How does choreography open the space for touching and being touched, for proximity and distance? How does the weight and the lightness of love appear in dance?


Gabriele Brandstetter is a professor of theatre and dance studies at the Free University of Berlin.

Gerhard Neumann is professor emeritus for German literature and comparative studies at the Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich.


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