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The Circus of Life B: Beatles - The Popular Music Pavilion

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 26.06.2015

Ort: TQW / Studios

Im Rahmen von: Première



the amazing toxic dreams and their cast of sad clowns present: The Circus of Life A – Z

For this year's season closing the Tanzquartier Wien is inviting TOXIC DREAMS and their guests to the The Circus of Life A – Z in the 21st century. In the tradition of the expos, 26 temporary pavilions cover all spheres of life by alphabetical order: sex, science, Hollywood, the arts, philosophy, economics, politics, sports, religion and much more.

Thus you stroll from A for Abramovi? through the Feature Artist Pavilion to Z for Žižek into the Philosophy Pavilion, linger a while at D for Death in the After Life Pavilion, roam I for IKEA, P for Porn or visit the Food Pavilion as in U for undercooked.

In The Circus of Life A – Z, the faculties and genres, high and low culture, the easy and the difficult blend in. Great architecture is being designed and the chess of politics is to be played, the audience attends a crash course in cooking or guests on a game show. Stand-up comedy walks hand in hand with experimental live art, pop meets avantgarde: our theatre flirts with dance, musical and the visual arts.


FRI, JUNE 26 –– A to M

A: Abramovi? – The Feature Artist Pavilion

B: Beatles – The Popular Music Pavilion

C: Cake – The Capital Pavilion

D: Death – The After Life Pavilion

E: Eureka – The Science Pavilion

F: Feldman – The Serious Music Pavilion

G: Gehry – The Architecture Pavilion

H: Hollywood – The Motion Picture Pavilion

I: Ikea – The Home Improvement Pavilion

J: Jokes – The Humour Pavilion

K: Keynes – The Economy Pavilion

L: Love – The Emotional Pavilion

M: Macintosh – The Digital Life Pavilion

SAT, JUNE 27 –– N to Z

N: Nature – The Wilderness Pavilion

O: OMG – The God Pavilion

P: Porn – The Sexual Pavilion

Q: Quiz – The Choice Pavilion

R: Radio – The Old Technology Pavilion

S: Sport – The Chess Pavilion

T: Tarantino – The Feature Director Pavilion

U: Undercooked – The Food Pavilion

V: Vienna – The Feature City Pavilion

W: Witness – The War Pavilion

X: Xenophobia – The Human Species Pavilion

Y: Youtube – The People's Art Pavilion

Z: Žižek – The Philosophy Pavilion




ACTORS/SINGERS/DANCERS: Irene Coticchio, Stephanie Cumming, Magda Loitzenbauer, Anat Stainberg, Peter Stamer, Yosi Wanunu, Markus Zett

MUSIC: Alexander Kranabetter (trumpet), Martin Burk (double bass), Martin Siewert (guitar, lap- and pedal steel, electronics), Peter Stamer (Keyboards), Michael Strohmann (bass), Alexander Yannilos (drums)

GUESTS: Arne Forke, Walter Heun, Robert Radelmacher, Peter Leeb, Lisbeth N. Trallori, Erich Dittrich, Barbara Gabriel, Jani Jan J., Reinhard Schurawitzki, Waltraud Widmoser, Susanna Gruber, Roman Schanner, Amelie Sztatecsny, Peter Warta, Jonas Ferdinand Kilga

VIDEO: Michael Strohmann, Timotheus Tomicek




CONCEPT AND DIRECTION: Yosi Wanunu and Peter Stamer

PRODUCTION: Kornelia Kilga              


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