Lecture Performance: Stadt in der Stadt

4928 Mal gesehen

Datum der Aufzeichnung: 01.04.2011

Ort: TQW/Studios




Based on the site of the future lakeside town in Aspern on the northeastern border of Vienna, its urban transformation processes and the temporary and intended residents, the question arises of the choreographic as the inscribing and creative gesture and challenge for the creation of artistic spaces, which are also always societal, political and social: what is the relationship of performative intervention to this landscape, of the artistic to the urban-planning design of the lakeside town? 

In a lecture performance Daniel Aschwanden gives examples of his creative work in the area, which he approaches with various different scores. The choreography shifts among other things into photography, video and experimental architecture: how does the body formulate itself in it, what potential do these surfaces offer for it to work and what effect does it have on the audience?

In the course of his on-site activities, Daniel Aschwanden meets the projectionist Cornelia Zenk and the sound designer Mattthias Hurtl. Together they create a transmedia setting for the lecture and also incorporate the results of an analysis of texts by Thomas Ballhausen into the evening.



LECTURE, CONCEPT: Daniel Aschwanden ( | PROJECTIONS: Conny Zenk ( |ffid) | SOUND: Matthias Hurtl (mths|ffid)


PRODUCTION: Lisa Schmidt | CONSULTATION: Ute Burkhardt-Bodenwinkler, Elke Krasny | TEXTS: Thomas Ballhausen („Ephemera....“ in Bewegungsmelder, Haymon Verlag) and „Das System Mordred....“ in Versehen, e podium/corpus | WITH THE SUPPORT OF MA7 - Wien Kultur


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