Why there is no art without love

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 15.04.2011

Ort: TQW/Studios

Im Rahmen von: The Apostrophes of Love. A lecture series on other political spaces for contemporary dance and performance (Concept & Curating: Krassimira Kruschkova)



At a time when pop music is having difficulties inventing something new and instead increasingly produces cover versions of old hits, a producer says: “Musicians must suffer or love.” Whether suffering is really so productive is something that can be left open. But in matters of love, here he has hit the nail on the head: if, for example, one observes the circumstances under which people who are not artists ever start to make art works then one condition very quickly becomes evident, namely that of love – in all grades and meanings of the word. Possibly the example of the non-professional artists shows us – only with greater clarity – a necessary condition that is true for any artistic production: one has to love in order to be able to make art.

Robert Pfaller is professor of philosophy at the Vienna University of Applied Art. He was visiting professor in Amsterdam, Berlin, Chicago, Oslo, Strasbourg and Zürich among others.


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