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VALIE EXPORT'S 'Understudy' - A reformulation of 'Restringierter Code'

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 13.01.2011

Ort: Kubus EXPORT



Technology/material: a person in evening dress in a cage made out of battery-charged electric wires, a small child in a cot, a bird in a transparent glass cage, a seven-month-old dog in a transparent glass cage, a hamster in a transparent glass cage, a meal for the people. Table, chair, cutlery, glass, wine, food for the animals. Two video cameras, six monitors, a switch, microphone, loudspeakers.



 “The body as a means of expression is a restricted code, because society exercises control over the individual through the body; body control is thus social control,” writes VALIE EXPORT and in her irritating and subversive works repeatedly makes it a theme as the main venue of  social conflict. In 1979 she created the performance Restringierter Code [Restricted Code], in which the internationally recognised artist questions the differentiation of human and animal behaviour, by overstepping the form, expression and conditioning of the body.

On the invitation of the Tanzquartier Wien and in reference to the description of the original performance, the director and performer Yosi Wanunu in his version of Restringierter Code confronts the questions thrown up by VALIE EXPORT concerning existing as well as projected conditions and mechanisms of control and punishment from a present-day perspective. The project will be staged in Kubus EXPORT on Vienna’s western Gürtel – transparent (city) space, art object and container of real and fictive possibilities and boundaries of a body that lays itself open.


A PRODUCTION of Tanzquartier Wien.

WITH: Yosi Wanunu, Bahram Parsa, Michael Strohmann




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