Speculating with materiality ... four dialogues with lures

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 29.03.2014

Ort: TQW / Halle G

Im Rahmen von: SCORES No8: Lures of Speculation. Artistic-Theoretical Parcours about the Choreographies of the Speculative



Having a conversation means accepting a diversion from one’s own thoughts. In a dialogue sense becomes shared. The dialogós is a play through words in which the participants have to get involved with one another in an anticipatory way so that the flow does not peter out. Feeling out for possible answers, affirming or rejecting them in advance, a speculative gesture is part of every conversation.

Four live conversations follow hard on the heels of four terms that seem to be central to current aesthetic and political debates: materiality, history, improbability and intangibility. The lures interfere during the dialogue: a parasitical position on the issue, a digression, a performative counterargument. Attractions that cross the arguments and lure them onto other tracks. NIKOLAUS GANSTERER will accompany the dialogues as a draughtsman and document the course of the hypothesis-building in diagrams.


12.00 h – 13.30 h

Speculating with the intangible

VINCIANE DESPRET (philosopher, University of Liège) and BERND KR ÄFTNER (artist, University of Applied Arts, Vienna) talk about the question of how one can address the dead and other presences that are not materially present. How one can we make them matter? Their baits are the Viennese dead (and probably a performer).


14.00 h – 15.30 h

Speculating with history

KATRIN SOLHDJU (cultural-studies scholar, Centre for Literary Research, Berlin) and HARRASSER (cultural-studies scholar, Linz University of Art) ask what kind of agents and forms of knowledge historiography produces and what the anteroom of the last things before the last looks like. JANEZ Janša (artist, MASKA, Ljubljana) will divert their thoughts.


17.00 h – 18.30 h

Speculating with materiality

MICHAEL HALEWOOD (philosopher, University of Essex) and TOMISLAV MEDAK (philosopher and performer, BADco. Zagreb) investigate what the material of the social is. What role has the material played in political theory and social theory since Marx? AINO KORVENSYRJÄ (artist, Helsinki/Cologne) will pour oil on the flames.


19.00 h – 20.30 h

Speculating with improbability

PAULA CASPAO (artist Paris, researcher University of Lisbon) and BOJANA CVEJIC (artist, TkH / Walking Theory Belgrade) are going to foreground questions about what kind of affective object improbability is. They will also talk about performative gestures that are required to make place for  insecurity and nonsense and the political nature of such gestures. ANNA MENDELSSOHN (performer, Vienna) will insure their imponderabilia and eventualities.




CONCEPT Speculating with …four dialogues with lures: Karin Harrasser, Sandra Noeth, Alexander Martos

Scores N°8: Lures of Speculation is part of TIMeSCAPES. Images and Performances of Time in Late Capitalism, a project of the following organisations: Science Communications Research (Vienna), BADco. / Filmprotufilm (Zagreb), MASKA (Ljubljana) and TkH / Walking Theory (Belgrad).

With the support of the cultural programme of the European Union, Bundeskanzleramt Kunst and Science Communications Research.


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