HUBERT LEPKA, lawine torrèn

2569 Mal gesehen

Datum der Aufzeichnung: 25.05.2011

Ort: MQ Haupthof



The Enzos move in as performative architecture: 

a reconstruction of the horse ballet from 1667 with stackers and dancers.


In Sofamaschine Hubert Lepka dedicates himself to the location of the Tanzquartier Wien in the MuseumsQuartier in its architectural and societal dimension. The outdoor project, commissioned by the Tanzquartier Wien, links historical events and the present-day use of the area. In Hubert Lepka’s large-scale staging on the occasion of the tenth anniversary and in reference to the equine ballet that the Emperor Leopold himself performed in 1667 in honour of his bride, the Spanish Infanta Margarita, dancers, bands, fork-lift trucks, the court furniture with the names Enzo and Enzi, and a crane are staged three-dimensionally.

Since 1992 lawine torrèn has been working as an open network for dancers, actors, multimedia artists and technicians on sometimes large-scale performances and stagings in real spaces. These become playing fields for a choreography that involves both people and machines in a narrative structure between film and theatre.


DANCER AND PERFORMERS: Mirjam Klebel, Marion Hackl, Magdalena Chowaniec and dancer of the, lift trucks of Jungheinrich, a crane of Prangl

LIVE-MUSIC: Mel, Stootsie

NARRATOR: Barbara Gassner

TEXT: Joey Wimplinger



A PRODUCTION BY Tanzquartier Wien and lawine torrèn

CO-PRODUCED with MuseumsQuartier Wien on the occasion of the 10th anniversary.

IN COOPERATION WITH the Vienna Conservatory Private University



Supported by

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