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The Room Series: Names

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 12.06.2015

Ort: TQW / Studios

Im Rahmen von: Werkstück 2015



A series of objects that imply a room are addressed through the use of language. Physical descriptions, personal names, categorical names and puzzling definitions are used to make up language games.

A choreography occurs. A choreography of inventory, like a glossary. A choreography of introduction, quite friendly. A choreography of spinning that bites its own tail. A choreography of puzzles to produce the possible, the opening. Or maybe a defeat, the loneliness of words, and bodies within the spaces between words. But, it's only a child's game.


FIRST STEPS – As part of Werkstück every season the Tanzquartier Wien gives young choreographers time, space and support over six months to work out their own productions and present them to the public over two evenings in June. This year, the young talent format will be coached by the director Yosi Wanunu under the motto Reality Check.


For their works, Katharina Greimel, Ana Jelušic and Sara Lanner have looked "reality in the eye" and present three different works on this transient state called "the present".






THANKS TO: Yosi Wanunu, Katharina Greimel, Sara Lanner


Ana Jelušic comes from Croatia. She received a BA degree in English and Spanish language and literature from the University of Zagreb. She has also received a BA degree from the BA programme 'Dance, context, choreography' at HZT (UdK) in Berlin. She loves many words, for instance: room, as in: There is no room for the couch in the kitchen and loves movement and dance, as in When you stand, one arm extended next to the body, the other one in a position of choice and then swinging the first arm up and pointing. She has been dancing and creating for a while now and has fixed plans to do much more in the future.


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