A Visit To This Planet. Part I - Artist's talk

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 19.11.2010

Ort: TQW/Studios



What happens after the end of the world? Taking up this complex point of departure Russian choreographer Oleg Soulimenko creates a possible post-apocalyptic scenario undertaking a search for the endings after the end. Three male performers appear as explorers of a 'strange' planet.

The time of their visit is an unlikely one. The visitors have reached the planet after a crisis and are now trying to appropriate what is left. Their exploration leads them to the most diverse areas of cultural production, like dance, film, opera, rock music, theatre and text. The references and quotations take on a strong life of their own in constant dialectical tension with the minds and bodies of the performing visitors. They let their findings get under their skin, they allow the human quotations to become part of their system and are consequently  found in strange situations  oscillating between bitter humour, cynical grotesqueness, self-analytical irony, overdosed entertainment and melancholy.




CONCEPT: Oleg Soulimenko | PERFORMANCE AND CHOREOGRAPHY: Thomas Kasebacher, Oleg Soulimenko, Radek Hewelt | STAGEDESIGN: Anke Philipp THEORY: Elke Krasny | LIGHTDESIGN: Roman Streuselberger | PRODUCTIONMANAGEMENT: Annette Pfefferkorn, Susanne Guggenberger

COPRODUCTION: Tanzquartier Wien and Vienna Magic | IN COLLABORATION WITH: PACT Zollverein Essen | WITH THE SUPPORT OF Stadt Wien and BMUKK


FRI 19 NOV. + SAT 20 NOV. 19.45 in TQW / Studios (admission free)

ARTIST’S TALK with Oleg Soulimenko and director and performance artist Yosi Wanunu on FRI 19 NOV. in TQW / Studios following the performance (admission free)


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