Traces between the Times. Archive/archiving and writing (dance) hi/stories

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 22.04.2016

Ort: TQW / Studios

Im Rahmen von: SCORES N°11 / / Atelier EDN - European Dancehouse Network: ARCHIVES TO COME





Anyone who puts “materials” into an archive, anyone who archives, lays down traces. These again (perhaps) are followed by others, so that in their present they lend a future to the past by writing hi/stories. The “archive” as an institution and “archiving” as a practice are booming (both scientifically and artistically). But what do these shimmering terms “contain”? They designate a historical corpus as much as the movements that open it up, insofar as they (also) start from the body of the user. They thereby have concrete, metaphorical and in both senses a corporeal meaning.


This talk aims to address both a terminological discussion as well as a positioning of the archive/archiving between subject and object, between times and classification of times, between constancy and process; it aims to address questions of power and status, and, finally, the dance specifics on this debate as well as visions from the perspective of dance studies.












Christina Thurner is a professor of dance studies at the Institute for Theatre Studies of the University of Berne. Her research focus is on: dance aesthetics and discourses from the 18th to 21st century, and dance historiography and criticism. She is i.a. a member of the foundation board of the Swiss Dance Archive, chair of the programme management of the MAS Dance / Performing Arts further education course, member of the IFN Commission (Interdisciplinary Research and Young Talent Network) at the Walter Benjamin College of the University of Berne. Latest book publication: Tanzkritik: Materialien (1997-2014), Zürich: Chronos 2015.




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