The archive as a body, the body is an archive

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 23.04.2016

Ort: TQW / Studios

Im Rahmen von: SCORES N°11 / / Atelier EDN - European Dancehouse Network: ARCHIVES TO COME



What memory do archives and bodies have? How do archives construct reality and history? How does the body construct its past and present? What documents become part of archives? How are cultural identities and ideological boundaries designed in archives? What are the (ethical) taboos and resistances of the archives and the body?








Claudia Bosse is an artist, choreographer and artistic director of Theatercombinat. Following a degree in theatre direction at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin, she works in the field of (experimental) theatre between installation, (space) choreography and urban intervention and generates political hybrids as always site-specific settings with particular constellations for different publics. Claudia Bosse develops installations internationally and works for museums, architectures and theatres as well as urban spaces. Visiting professor in Bochum and Gießen. She teaches, gives lectures, publishes, initiates or takes part in research projects, and works continually with artists and theoreticians from various genres. In 2009 she received the Nestroy Prize for the urban intervention Bambiland. Up to and including 2016 she has been developing various artistic formats with the long-term project (katastrophen 11/15) ideal paradise. In parallel to this is the multi-narrative collection some democratic fictions, consisting of video/audio interviews conducted in various geopolitical contexts (since 2011 in New York, Athens, Cairo, Alexandria, Tunis, Frankfurt, Zagreb, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Brussels (Matonge) and Beirut etc., in collaboration with Günther Auer), which is published as site-specific, multimedia installations in temporary archives.




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