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1637 Mal gesehen

Österreichiche Erstaufführung

Datum der Aufzeichnung: 23.10.2015

Ort: TQW / Halle G



Edelweiss is a piece for those who find pleasure in reading. It is a tribute to fetishism, a performance that treats all of its components as loved art pieces. Edelweiss plays with intelligibility, a danced rebus where signs and references abound, a caring piece where all the elements have been discussed and chosen and loved.




Edelweiss is inspired by Gustav Klimt and Émilie Flöge, by sport, by the aquariums of the 19th century, by babies, by the 70’s, by the future and by the artist Lucio Fontana.




Edelweiss offers a transformative series of movement sequences in which bodies seem to nestle into pre-existing images and/or notions of things. The performers are trying them on as if they were clothes thereby challenging their contours, boundaries and textures in a dialogical mode in which the image/notion becomes versatile like a piece of cloth until it fits and comforts and vice versa?a second skin, which can be inhabited and shaped but remains relational to its carrier at any one time. As an audience we become witness of such mutual fitting process while attention is drawn to our own (intuitive, associative, imaginative) perception by being encouraged to use and rely on it and the proposed narratives we spot. 




Edelweiss developed from the exploration of the art of camouflage and the technique of cushioning in artistic collaboration between four performers, a costume and a light designer.


#rebus #camouflage #padding #withdrawal #sight-field






PERFORMERS: Alix Eynaudi, Mark Lorimer, Cécile Tonizzo, Alice Chauchat


COSTUMES: An Breugelmans




LIGHT DESIGN: Bruno Pocheron




PRODUCTION AUSTRIA: Sarah Blumenfeld for boîte de production – Verein fu?r Zeitgenössischen Tanz und zeitgenössische Installationen


CO-PRODUCTION: Kunstencentrum BUDA (BE) , Tanzquartier Wien (AT)


WITH SUPPORT BY: Wien Kultur , XING Bologna, l’Institut Français d’Autriche, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie


THANKS TO: Quim Pujol, Olivier Renouf,Nancy Banfi, our intern Naima Marilyn Mazic, Christian & Geneviève Eynaudi





Alix Eynaudi lives and works in Vienna since 2 years. She was trained as a ballet dancer in the Opéra of Paris. She worked in various ballet companies before entering PARTS when the school first opened. In 1996, Alix joined Anne-Teresa De Keersmaeker's company Rosas where she worked for 7 years, participating to the creation of 6 pieces : Just Before, Drumming, I said I, In real Time, Rain, April me, as well as to the retake of repertory pieces such as Woud, Achterland and Fase.

Since 2005 Alix has been creating her own pieces: Crystalll, in collaboration with Alice Chauchat (2005), Supernaturel (2007), The Visitants (2008) and Long Long Short Long Short (2009), both in collaboration with Agata Maszkiewicz. In 2011, she led, together with Kris Verdonck, a research on the benefits of sleep and rest, which turned into Exit (2011), a solo in which she puts the audience to sleep. In 2012, she makes Monique, a dance duet with Mark Lorimer which finds its inspiration in bondage.

Besides creating her own work, Alix makes a point of continuing to develop projects with other artists, both as a collaborator and a performer. She took part in projects as a performer with a.e.: the collective Superamas, Kris Verdonck, Anne Juren and more recently Boris Charmatz in his new piece, Manger.

Alix’s artistic practice also involves teaching workshops PARTS, Brussels, ImPulsTanz, Vienna, Reykjavik, Panetta Movement Centre, New York, Skolen for Moderne Dans / The Danish National School of Contemporary Dance and SEAD, Salzburg.


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