mach dir einen kopf.

2047 Mal gesehen


Datum der Aufzeichnung: 17.06.2016

Ort: TQW / Studios

Im Rahmen von: TQW co-production



[*German proverb literally translated saying „make yourself a head“ meaning to think about something carefully.]


head. shake. right away. hands are shaking. nice to meet. you would you want to hang. or rather stand. why would you want to stand. what. do you want to stand by. don´t you miss resistance in the headstand.

If language is moving, then concepts, assumptions and expectations also find themselves in movement. And we notice that meaning is a fragile matter. Experiencing language IN or AS movement means confronting the very relativity of meaning. But what does meaning being in movement imply in regard to orientation? What can we – what do we want to – rely on in this movement?

mach dir einen kopf. from the series komm kopflos [come headless] is a performance / reading / installation in which head movement comes about as language movement; in which moving heads allow movements of meaning. Starting from a headstand we can confront our ways of thinking. And in so doing, risk what we commonly call our heads. don’t make yourself a head. make yourself one.




#MovingPoetry #InbetweenSemanticsandKinaesthetics #PhysisofLanguage #TextBodyRelation










SZENOGRAPHY : Käthe Kopf, Hilmar Korth


GRAFIC DESIGN : Hilmar Korth


COSTUME: Mirjam Sögner


DRAMATURGY : Mirjam Sögner, Britta Wirthmüller, Caroline Scholz Ott


INPUT BODYWORK: Mirjam Sögner, Susanne Schneider


VOCAL TRAINING: Caroline Scholz Ott


INPUT PHILOSPHY: Marcus Steinweg


SOUND: Jonathan Reiter


CO-PRODUCTION: Tanzquartier Wien




Käthe Kopf lives in Vienna and Berlin. . She received a first degree in human medicine at the Medical University of Vienna. In 2014 she completed the study programme “Dance, Context and Choreography” at the Inter-University Centre for Dance at the Berlin University of the Arts.She received the Danceweb scholarship for the Impulstanz festival 2014, a Start scholarship from the Austrian Federal Chancellery, and a dance scholarship from the Berlin Senate. As an up-and-coming new choreographer in Werkstück 2015 at Tanzquartier Wien she developed the performance (worum) es geht in 5 gehdichten [what it is about in 5 walking poems]. She was part of the Young Art Parcours with a performance and an installation of the komm kopflos series. On a ZAIK residence in Cologne, she worked together with the dancer Susanne Schneider on the project diskurven – sprache ist ein körperspiel [discourse-curves – language is a body game]. Since the beginning of 2016 Käthe Kopf has also been working in a clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry.




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