The Jaguar and the Snake (Workshop IV)

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 24.06.2016

Ort: TQW / Studios

Im Rahmen von: (COUNTER)TROPICAL Season Ending



The next piece of the series Endangered Human Movements, will deal with extinct movements originating from Pre-Columbian human-animal representations. This hybrid figures, part human part animal, account for a more fluid relationship between the species. We will work with objects that feature a continuity between human and animal physicalities. Although these relics from cultures destroyed by Colonialism can seem unfamiliar, they are endowed with expressiveness and show postures and expressions that may account for their potential transformation into movement. The reconstruction of possible dances and physicalities, that have disappeared today, will be the core of the dance practice. Jaguar warriors, Snake gods, and goddesses will emerge and dance again, awaking our bodies and mobilizing our energies into more than human behaviors.

The work focuses on the relationship between the Human and the Animal realms, and its symbology in the mythologies and world views of ancient cultures, to be actualized outside the frame of national representation, thinking of them as forms of  planetary knowledge. The development of the piece explores new models of thinking the relationship between Animals and Humans today, in times of a mass extinction of species and an accelerated loss of biodiversity.

In the choreographic process the embodiment process, a sort of postural study, will then be filled with diverse practices on perception, coming from somatics, spirituality, and dance. We will use terracotta figures – goddesses and gods, demons, deities and chimeras –, old carvings and paintings as a starting material and possibly, objects coming from further ancient cultures embodying animal or animal-human like figures. The Jaguar and the Snake is a tribute to a body that is not normed by contemporary social, western, cultural constraints, but an  ecstatic, porouse body, moulded by mystical experience, in which the combination of animal and human forms accounts for the biological and spiritual continuity between the species.



The Jaguar and the Snake. The Workshop

In this workshop we want to share and mobilize the underlying principles of the research for the creation of The Jaguar and The Snake, from the dance practice, the thinking process and the practical visual work.

The workshop participants are invited  to share and work with the issues at stake, playing, exploring in a playful unformal way. The workshop is structured as a “crafting atelier”  that creates and forges in a fluid way, dances, ideas and costumes.

The goal of the dance is to access hypnotic trance like states, through movement and the work on ones perception exploring the animal inside the human, or the human body as animal. Fisiological possibilities of movement and expression that have no place in our concept of human or person will be encouraged.

At a certain moment during the dance practice we will open the space to the public and re-inform through the talk under the title “The Perspective of the Jaguar” quoting and resonating Viveiros de Castro’s paper “La Mirada del Jaguar”.  The constume designer involved in the creation of the crafts for the piece, will lead us to participate in crafting a disguise to be worn during the work.

Jaguars and Snakes will join the party after the working session and take over the dance floor. 

Team: Amanda Piña, Linda Samaraweerová, Anke Philip









The workshop will take about 4-5 hours




Talk: The Perspective of the Jaguar 19.00 (public)




Workshop tickets available at the box office and the webshop of the Tanzquartier Wien from WED 1 JUNE


Please note –– limited number of seats!





Please bring along: comfortable clothes for moving, one favourite outfit (clothes you feel very represented by)


and a blanket.



Participation fee 12 Euro







nadaproductions stands for Chilean/ Mexican choreographer Amanda Piña and Swiss visual artist and film director Daniel Zimmermann working together since 2005. Their work focuses on aspects of reception and perception creating new concepts of performance that involve the audience in different ways. nadaproductions is based at the cultural space www.nadaLokal. at and creates in co-production with both brut Wien and Tanzquartier Wien. nadaproductions has presented their work throughout Europe and South America at festivals and venues such as Danza al Borde Valparaíso in Chile, Europäische Tanzplattform Mousonturm Frankfurt, Szene Salzburg, Choreographic Platform Austria 2009 and 2012, Imagetanz at brut Vienna, Tanzquartier Vienna, ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival, Sophiensaele Berlin, Kampnagel Hamburg, Gessnerallee Zurich, FTT Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf, STUK Leuven, Beursschouwburg Brussels, Theater Frascati Amsterdam, Royal Festival Hall London, Drodesera Festival Italy.


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