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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 04.03.2016

Ort: TQW / Halle G

Im Rahmen von: TQW co-production



In IDEAL PARADISE clash the stage becomes the burning glass and material space of a collection of documents, body practices and experiences that developed in public space and in the museum during the working process of the multi-part project IDEAL PARADISE. The now absent spaces of the previous interventions and performative installations – such as the Weltmuseum, the Ethnology Museum, the Haus des Meeres aquarium, the main library or (also fallow) urban spaces among others – are related to one another through sound recordings, choreographic compositions and body memories.

The themes of cultural identity, territory, the construction of ideology/ideologies and ideal communities negotiated there are put together in the space of the Tanzquartier Wien’s Hall G using stable and unstable, media and physical documents. They exist in parallel or relate to one another, and in the process draft a polyrhythmic present in the soundscapes of the composer Günther Auer. The auditorium itself is here understood as a museum in which various pasts meet and new constellations engage with one another.

A space develops that both changes and layers various realities on top of one another; at the same time it facilitates an autonomous reality as a performative present of all the bodies there. Claudia Bosse’s processual and site-specific way of working condenses in the theatre and creates a choreography of cohabitation and of political action. Together with the audience and the performers Jaschka Lämmert, Alexandra Sommerfeld, Florian Tröbinger, Nora Steinig and Ilse Urbanek, Claudia Bosse scrutinises social rituals and political thinking.


IDEAL PARADISE clash is a further step on the way to the new production IDEAL PARADISE, which will be premiered in the Vienna city area at the end of June 2016. The project is part of the total project (katastrophen 11/15) ideal paradise by Claudia Bosse and a group of international artists, performers and theoreticians and until summer 2016 will be investigating the structure of catastrophe as a tilting picture of society. Previously, four development steps have been shown: a first step to IDEAL PARADISE as part of the Danube Festival in Krems; a second step to IDEAL PARADISE was an installation in six rooms in the Vienna Weltmuseum as part of the Impulstanz festival, which in a third step to IDEAL PARADISE became a score for a choreographed performance. In autumn 2015 urban laboratory IDEAL PARADISE was played in various locations in Vienna – Haus des Meeres, the city swimming baths, the main library, and Columbusplatz among others.


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SOUND: Günther Auer


PERFORMANCE: Jaschka Lämmert, Alexandra Sommerfeld, Florian Tröbinger, Nora Steinig , Ilse Urbanek und Günther Auer, Claudia Bosse, Silvester Kreil


SPACE: Stephanie Rauch


LIGHT: Andreas Lendais; Andreas Hofer/Phoenix
















INTERN: Viktoria Bayer


THANKS TO an Gabrielle Cram


PRODUCTION: theatercombinat


CO-PRODUCTION Tanzquartier Wien, FFT Düsseldorf


SUPPORTED BY: gefördert von Wien Kultur.






The work cycle IDEAL PARADISE was previously co-produced by Impulstanz – Vienna International Dance Festival, the Vienna Weltmuseum and the Danube Festival 2015. Partners, supporters and accomplices of the project include: Urbanize!, brut Wien, Haus des Meeres, Hauptbücherei Wien, the Austrian Museum of Ethnology, Vienna, Carla/Mittersteig, Schnell & Sauber Waschsalon Högn 7 Wien and many more.



Claudia Bosse is an artist, choreographer and artistic director of theatercombinat. After a degree in theatre direction at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts, Berlin, she now works in the field of (experimental) theatre between installation, (space) choreography and urban intervention and generates political hybrids as site-specific settings with particular arrangements for different audiences. Claudia Bosse has developed international installations and works for museums, architecture, theatres and urban spaces. She has been a visiting professor in Bochum and Gießen. She teaches, gives lectures, publishes and initiates or takes parts in research projects and continuously works with artists and theoreticians from different genres. She received the Nestroy Prize in 2009 for the urban intervention  Bambiland. Up to and including 2016, with the long-term project (katastrophen 11/15) ideal paradise she has been developing various artistic formats. In parallel the multi-narrative collection some democratic fictions consisting of video/audio interviews compiled in various geopolitical contexts was created (since 2011 in New York, Athens, Cairo, Alexandria, Tunis, Frankfurt, Zagreb, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Brussels (Matonge) and Beirut etc., in cooperation with Günther Auer), which is being published site-specifically as multimedia installations in temporary archives.


Theatercombinat is a company for the production of independent art, choreography and theatre works, managed by the artist and director Claudia Bosse. She brings together actors, performers and dancers as well as theoreticians, sound and media artists, architects, visual artists and technicians to research and implement theatrical concepts that push the theatre beyond its borders and initiate new forms of communication with the audience, the space and the organisation of the public sphere.

The productions create innovative, experimental spaces of action and perception between theatre, installation, choreography, performance and discourse. The site-specific works were created in periods ranging from a week to four years in Vienna and cities such as Tunis, Zagreb, Prague, Düsseldorf, New York, Geneva, Braunschweig, Bamburg, Podgorica, Mannheim and Berlin and include city interventions, (choral) total space choreographies, tragedy complexes, political theatre hybrids and discourses on theory and practice.


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