Schwarz Weiß Zeigen. Übungen für einen Choreografen.

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 19.03.2010

Ort: TQW / Halle G

Im Rahmen von: CESC GELABERT dances a solo by GERHARD BOHNER (1936-1992)



"I remember that in the work with dancers I was always able to get my ideas across with what I demonstrated, which he could then pass on in dance. In Schwarz Weiß Zeigen I show the spectators what I normally show the dancers."

(Gerhard Bohner, quoted after Susanne Schlicher, 1987)

Schwarz Weiß Zeigen [Showing Black and White] is an artistic experiment into the essence and the boundaries of dance movement, a systematic research of space and body. In the confrontation with an environment dominated by geometrical laws, in 1983 in his later years of life and choreography, Gerhard Bohner created a choreography in which movement is primarily alluded to and sketched, the dialogue between choreographer and dancers is abstracted through objects. The life-size, wooden mannequin, originally conceived as a prop, becomes an autonomous partner in the work, indicating the absence of the dancer and compelling analysis of one’s own dancing body.

After Im (Goldenen) Schnitt I and II [In the (Golden) Section I and II], Schwarz Weiß Zeigen became the third reconstruction of one of Gerhard Bohner’s works by the Spanish choreographer and dancer Cesc Gelabert. Here he draws on the original props in the archive of the Academy of Arts and a 1990 video documentary. With impressive presence and precision, he traces Bohner’s unique aesthetics, which alongside Johann Kresnik, Pina Bausch, Susanne Linke and Reinhild Hoffmann made the choreographer one of the key figures of German dance theatre and Schwarz Weiß Zeigen into a lesson in modern stagecraft.





Choreography (1983, Première on 15 May in the Berlin Academy of Arts): Gerhard Bohner Reconstruction and dance (2010): Cesc Gelabert

Music: George Friedric Handel, Glenn Branca

Technical direction: Norbert Stück

Reconstruction of the costume: Lydia Azzopardi

Production / research work: Inge Zysk


A commissioned production by the Tanzquartier Wien in co-production with the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Arts, Tanzhaus NRW and DANCE 2010 (Munich).

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