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Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, Sabina Holzer, Jack Hauser
Über Tun und Nichtstun beim Forschen & Hereinspaziert

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 25.10.2013

Ort: TQW / Studios

Im Rahmen von: IDLENESS. A lazy concept of a lecture series (Concept & Curating: Krassimira Kruschkova)


On Activity and Inactivity in Research

Research is a curious process, which one normally associates with purposefulness. But going straight ahead does not get one very far. Slowing down, delaying, suspending time, this is the other side of research as a movement of getting out of oneself and holding in abeyance. Almost all experiment is based on slowing down. How can one characterise a movement that goes beyond approaching something but at best leads away from something? The period of research lives from a remarkably relaxed tension. This is my theme.

Walk In

In their slide-show and essay lecture Sabina Holzer and Jack Hauser explore the out-of-time possibilities of an artistic practice. What could be a poetic life open to the world ingredients? With Deleuze, who says being left-wing would be a question of perception and of becoming, and never stop being minoritaire, being less, withdrawing. In the attempt to relate without a foothold in a world without foundations. To answer to relations. Dance gives us good tools. Désoeuvrement. Release. Body mind without a centre. The centre is the other. Circulation in the world circus. Walk in! Where do I want to participate? Experiments on the high-wire act, as an art of negotiation and abnegation.



Hans-Jörg Rheinberger’s main focus in the history of science is on experimentation, which is marked by improvisation and coincidence. In his studies he has identified »experimental systems« as the driving element in the development of modern natural sciences and has described how they work. He develops his theoretical concept based on the philosophy of Derrida and Heidegger. He also publishes essays and poems.

Sabina Holzer and Jack Hauser live in Vienna and use performance, dance, installation and film to experiment with strategies that counter the commodity character of art. They design situations and engage in projects in which praxis (doing something together) and movement are essential parts of the artistic formulation.



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