Cláudia Dias (PT) & Pablo Fidalgo Lareo (ES)
Monday: Watch out for the Right

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 02.03.2018

Ort: TQW Halle G

Im Rahmen von: Austrian premiere


A boxing match as a bold plea to face the future without fear. Portuguese choreographer Cláudia Dias steps into the ring with Spanish poet Pablo Fidalgo Lareo. She fights with fists, he with words. In twelve rounds they negotiate the global economic crisis. As part of a society that has been knocked out several times before, they will not only spill blood, sweat and tears when they throw arguments at each other, getting ever closer in the process. While Cláudia Dias and her sparring partner, Thai kickboxing coach Jaime Neves, gear up and hit each other with red boxing gloves, a referee recites Pablo Fidalgo Lareo’s texts. Can the fighting spirit of boxing serve as an example for art? The author’s topical subjects – restrictive monetary policy, migration, depression, and unemployment in the EU – are dealt like uppercuts. For the first instalment of the seven-part performance series SEVEN YEARS SEVEN PIECES Cláudia Dias has trained as a professional boxer – now she is always ready for the next blow.


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Claudia Dias is a choreographer, performer and teacher of the Real-Time Composition technique. After completing her studies in performing arts at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa she began her career with the Grupo de Dança de Almada and the artists’ collective Ninho de Víboras. She is currently developing a project designed to extend over seven years, addressing the concept of an absent or precarious future. Monday: Watch out for the Right is the first of seven pieces to be developed each year until 2022; it was first performed at the Kammerspiele in Munich in 2016.


Fidalgo Lareo (born 1984 in Vigo) has written the poetry book La educación física, selected by El Cultural among the five best books of poetry published in 2010 in Spain. In 2012, he has won the Injuve Poetry Award with the book La retirada. His texts have been selected for several anthologies, and they have been translated into Portuguese, French, Polish, English and Persian. As a solo artist he created the performance O estado salvaxe. Espanha 1939 (2013), that had been shown at different festivals in Spain, Portugal and Argentina. Besides, he works as an independent curator and he is consultant for several festivals. Fidalgo Lareo lives and works in Lisbon.

Credits:Concept and artistic directionCláudia Dias Guest artistPablo Fidalgo Lareo TextCláudia Dias, Pablo Fidalgo Lareo PerformanceCláudia Dias, Jaime Neves, KarasOutside Eye SEVEN YEARS SEVEN PIECES Jorge Louraço Figueira Thai boxing coachJaime Neves Stage and lighting designThomas Walgrave Technichal directionNuno Borda de ÁguaProductionAlkantaraMonday is part of EUROPOLY.

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