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Anna Prokopová (CZ/AT) / Costas Kekis (GR/AT) / Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir (IS/AT)
Knuckles become clouds (Sketch)

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 03.05.2018

Ort: TQW Studios

Im Rahmen von: Rakete


Knuckles become clouds marks the beginning of an artistic process during which Anna Prokopová, Costas Kekis and Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir experiment with human experience. The first instalment is about human/human and human/other species interaction. A central aspect in this are humans as prosthetic creatures. What is a posthuman body capable of doing? How does a posthuman brain work? The three performers go on an affective journey in search of answers to these questions. Not only do they share a physical practice but also a language based on memory, imagination and immediate sensory input. In the process, the body and language become tools that serve to cast a precise look on human beings, their characteristic forms of communication, their social significance and their affective capital.



Prokopová grew up in Czechia, lives in Vienna. She is a choreographer, performer and teacher. She studied philosophy, Czech language and contemporary dance. Anna received a scholarship from the Start Stipend of the Austrian Federal Chancellor’s Office and danceWEB scholarship in 2012. The interaction of imaginary body anatomy, sound and text is a central element of her creativity. In Austria she has worked with Liz King and Christine Gaigg / 2nd nature. Her recent collaborations include Corpse of a dance piece, brut imagetanz 2015, It beats soft in the veins, Impulstanz 8:tension 2017.


Kekis, born in Athens in 1984, is a choreographer, dramaturg and performer. His works have been shown in Vienna, Salzburg, Barcelona, Athens, Mannheim and Mainz. As an assistant choreographer, he was worked for Anna Macrae (Are you a member?), and Lucie Strecker (Hasenblut+). He has provided dramaturgical support for Magdalena Chowaniec (Sanctuary), Claire Lefèvre and Evandro Pedroni (S/M Stage Made), Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir and Laia Fabre (And all in between). In Vienna, he has performed for Doris Uhlich and Oleg Soulimenko; his installation Liebe deinen Nächsten has been shown at T/abor gallery.


Gunnlaugsdóttir, born in Reykjavík in 1988, is a dancer, performer and performance maker. She studied dance at the Dance Academy of Reykjavík and the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds. She further studied dance and choreography at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, which she graduated in 2014. She is currently based in Vienna. Her recent works include And all in between with Laia Fabre and Blank Blank. As a dancer and performer, Andrea has collaborated with choreographers including Doris Uhlich, Alix Eynaudi and Andrea Maurer. She has also performed in the works of the Japanese-Austrian artist Michikazu Matsune and has worked as his artistic assistant since 2015. She received a scholarship from the Start Stipend of the Austrian Federal Chancellor’s Office in 2015.

Credits:Concept Anna Prokopová, Costas Kekis Choreography & Performance Anna Prokopová, Costas Kekis. Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir With support by Studio Matsune and the Czech Centre Vienna.

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