Oona Doherty (UK)
Hope Hunt & The Ascension into Lazarus

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 03.05.2018

Ort: TQW Studios

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„She’s a simply phenomenal performer … a raw, switched-on, fragmented and yet meticulously detailed performance, swift and clear and full of sharp body language underpinned by a blistering, intuitive intelligence.“ — The Times


„A powerful stage presence … there’s nothing usual about Doherty … This is dance with grit in its veins, with dirt under its fingernails and a violent secret in its heart.“ — The Scotsman


„The rhythm that the boys give off in the street. The way that they move their feet, the kind of posturing they’re doing: there’s an energy coming off them that’s really frightening. People don’t look at them and I think we need to look. I think the world needs a bit more love.“ — Oona Doherty


One mans hunting. A thumping nackerd car

head lights on

sits in waiting,

Music thumping from its metal shield

A man who is many men leeks in and out of the metal beat,

his story, A hunt for hope.


Doherty mutates into separate entireties. Morphing from one character to the next. Through speech, movement, and sound we are twisted and contorted through ideas of masculinity, morality and nostalgia. Through wet forgotten roads of memory; the Hunter drags us through a dirty Europe. He hits and swerves at extreme stereotypes of cultural and social class. The masks of men as a form of personal defence against the self and the world we live in today. The consequences of boredom on the psyche are ripped open through physical labour on stage. Hopes, dreams and ambitions are parked up in shoddy car parks. To find self-belief. No matter where you are from, what class you are placed. There are essential needs of love ingrained in all of us.


To find the common ground. To sweat to truth.

Fade to white

Lazarus rising as the concrete bird of paradise.


An attempt to deconstruct the stereotype of the concrete disadvantaged male, and raise it up into a Caravaggio bright white limbo. To make the smicks, the spides, the hoods, the gypsies, the knackers, the neds, the delinquents into the birds of paradise.


It is a hunt for hope.

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