Claudia Bosse (DE/AT)
each ought to move away from himself. otherwise the element of terror necessary to all recognition is lacking*

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 06.10.2018

Ort: TQW Studios


On 6 October, Claudia Bosse and the participants present the results of the lab each ought to move away from himself. otherwise the element of terror necessary to all recognition is lacking*. on aesthetic strategies of defamiliarisation, which is held from 2 to 6 October.


The lab opens up a space between artists and thinkers on artistic methods of defamiliarisation. Defamiliarisation as a strategy of shifting perspectives and constellations by means of specific aesthetic practices. Defamiliarisation as a (trans)acting recollection of phenomena, social realities or norms concerning art, politics, the body, the economy, knowledge, society. Defamiliarisation versus alienation: at the same time, we negotiated in the lab our roles as artists vis-à-vis institutions and politics, their modes of operation, their utilisation logics, their value creation.


*Bertolt Brecht


Claudia Bosse lives in Vienna and Berlin. She is an artist, choreographer and the artistic director of theatercombinat. After completing her studies in theatre directing in Berlin, she has been working in the field of (experimental) theatre located between installation, (spatial) choreography, urban intervention, and has been generating site-specific political hybrids as settings for various publics. Claudia Bosse develops installations, choreographies and works for museums, architectures, theatres and urban spaces internationally.

She teaches, gives lectures, publishes, participates in research projects and frequently works with artists and theoreticians of various genres. Bosse understands and seizes the urban space as a texture for choreographic material and poetic subversion. Latest projects: POEMS of the DAILY MADNESS, a singspiel; REENACTING THE ARCHIVE, FFT Düsseldorf, both in collaboration with Günther Auer; EXPLOSION of SILENCE, Vienna; WITNESSING of the TREES, MITsp – museu da imigração, São Paulo; the last IDEAL PARADISE, Tanzplattform Essen, 2018.

Credits:WithClaudia Bosse, Abdalla Daif, Barbara Holub, Anne Juren, Sophie Klimis, Lucie Strecker, Yosi Wanunu

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