Cie. Willi Dorner (AT)

1048 Mal gesehen

Datum der Aufzeichnung: 16.11.2018

Ort: TQW Halle G

Im Rahmen von: Premiere


Willi Dorner is well-known both for his pointed works in public space and his clever play with the world of media. In his latest piece, he lets a real body collide with its virtual reality and makes tangible the dissolutionary tendencies of our selves in the pixel deserts of digital images in an ingenious live performance. many thematises the compulsion for self-mediatisation, the permanent displaying of oneself boosted by social media and the “tyranny of transparency” (Byung-Chul Han) in our society. Does one have to put oneself before the public on the Net to prove one’s existence?


Willi Dorner lives in Vienna. In 1999, he founded Cie Willi Dorner, with which he has since developed such striking performances as bodies in urban spaces, urbandrifting, above under inbetween and fitting. Besides dance pieces the choreographer keeps devising formats that open up new ways of perceiving everyday life to the audience.

The mobile urban installation bodies in urban spaces, a human sculpture parcours in urban space, has been staged in more than eighty cities all over the world and was also part of the 2016 fall/winter campaign of fashion designer Jacquemus. Willi Dorner previously presented Dance Karaoke at TQW as well as one in the scope of the Feedback platform.


Concept/Choreography: Willi Dorner

Performers: Britt Kamper, Esther Steinkogler

Video: Adnan Popović

Music/Sound: Florian Kmet

Costume/Prop: Emanuela Panucci

Production: Roma Janus

Sound direction: Paul Ebhart

Technical direction: Alexander Wanko

A co-production by Cie. Willi Dorner and Tanzquartier Wien. With support from the Municipal Department of Cultural Affairs, Vienna.

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