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Dorothea Zeyringer (AT) mit Emilia Lichtenwagner (AT) & Nora Jacobs (DE)
Private view

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 24.05.2019

Ort: TQW Studios

Im Rahmen von: Premiere


"We need to leave behind the idea of a canon, of this 'You all need to see this and appreciate it'. How can we learn to accept diverging art histories?" -  Mathilde ter Heijne


The performance Private view addresses the lack of representation of female positions in classical art history and tries to reframe and expand this history. Works by female visual artists will be embedded in the performance context and reactivated by the performers. Personal conversations, interviews and documentary material covering the time between the 1970s and today will be the foundation for a poetic composition juxtaposing and making visible both the familiar and the unfamiliar. Objects and texts will take the shape of a performative installation setting.


Dorothea Zeyringer, born in Vienna in 1989, completed her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and studied at the HZT Berlin. She received a danceWEB scholarship from ImPulsTanz in 2017, as well as a BKA scholarship and the ArtStart-Studio scholarship in 2018. Her artistic practice oscillates between visual arts, choreography and language. Since 2012, she has been part of the duo Sööt/Zeyringer, together with Tiina Sööt. Her works have premiered at brut Wien, National Dance Center Bucharest, Schauspiel Köln and Kunstraum Niederösterreich, among others.


Emilia Lichtenwagner was born in Vienna in 1990. She completed her BA degree in history and theatre studies at Freie Universität Berlin. Previously, as part of a scholarship awarded by Verein Gedenkdienst, she had worked at Leo Beack Institute in New York and the Austrian Heritage Collection. After her studies, she went on to take part in the artistic research project Projected Memory. She currently studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and is about to finish her MA in Critical Studies.


Nora Jacobs, born in Berlin in 1984, lives and works in Vienna. She studied acting at the Norwegian Theatre Academy and completed a diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Her artistic practice encompasses the visual arts, theatre and film, combining performance practices with installations and videos. In 2012, she founded the performance collective Heathers together with Veronika Burgher and Nicole Sabella.


Concept, artistic direction: Dorothea Zeyringer

Artistic work, research, performance: Nora Jacobs, Emilia Lichtenwagner, Dorothea Zeyringer Artistic assistance: Raffaela BieleschA coproduction by Dorothea Zeyringer and Tanzquartier Wien.


With support from Arbeitsplatz Wien and from the first Artist Commons Model of the Wiener Perspektive Spaces Group at Künstlerhaus 1050, Vienna. Many thanks to Leyla Jafarmadar / Happylab Wien, Julie Krainer, Claudia Lomoschitz, Denise Palmieri, Stefan Reiterer, Sebastiano Sing, Stefanie Sourial.


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