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(USA/AT) is a choreographer, dancer, improviser and teacher living in Vienna since 2007. In 2005, he received his BFA in Modern Dance from the University of Utah. During his education, Michael opened doors at the university for artistic research and experimental choreography, receiving assistantships and grants, presented work at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research twice, and spoke alonge side Stephan Koester at the keynote presentation on arts research. He received his masters in Choreography from AMCh at the Theatre School in Amsterdam, focusing on cognitive science and conceptual metaphor for performance practice.
Michael was a long time company member with Cie. Willi Dorner from 2003-2010 performing in a variety of stage works and setting the renowned piece Bodies in Urban Spaces in over 30 cities. He was listed in the 2008 BalletTanz Magazine as the ‘dancer to watch’ in Vienna for his own choreographic solo debut a waiting dog dies.
Since 2009 Michael is the Vienna branch facilitator for the Field organization which through TanzQuarteir Wien (TQW) teaches artists how to give feedback.
In 2010, Michael received a Turbo Residency scholarship at ImpulsTanz where he continued his research of his drag persona, Jai Jai Sincere. Jai Jai Sincere made her contemporary debut at ImpulsTanz 2011 where she performed an adaptation of Deborah Hay’s NEWS. In 2011 Michael also premiered his work You are the Subject of my Seeing at TQW and had a residency at The Place in London as a Carte Blanche participant of the ModulDance program.
Since 2013 Michael has taught creative practice and contemporary technique at SNDO in Amsterdam. He has also taught technique in Henny Jurriens Foundation in Amsterdam and Marameo in Berlin. Other teaching positions have been guest faculty twice at Arizona State University, SEAD and festivals such as DanceUmbrella, Philly Live Arts and Tanz in August among others. In 2012, Michael taught with neuroscientist Corinne Jola the workshop Technologies of Love at ImPulsTanz.
His works have been presented at TQW, ImpulsTanz, WUK, BRUT and Burgenland Tanztage, as well as off- spaces in Vienna in order to help promote artist run organizations.
He has been invited to present his research in TQW at the Intersection of Arts and Science program, Festival of Art as Research, in Germany and most recently his paper Love is an Action at the Center for Dance Research in Coventry, UK. In 2014 his piece TERTIARY was nominated for the Prix d’Jardin in the 8:Tension series at the ImpulsTanz Festival.
He has also worked with David Zambrano, Georg Blaschke, Alain Buffard, Claudia Bosse, Paul Wenninger and Barbara Kraus.

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