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Jules Fischer

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Datum der Aufzeichnung: 24.06.2023

Ort: TQW Studios

Im Rahmen von: S_P_I_T_ Day 3


Flowers wither, fruits rot, glass breaks. Nothing lasts forever. Vanitas is a performance about the feelings of change, transition, and transformation. The title refers to baroque still life paintings. The vanitas motifs of the 1600s were made to remind us about the impermanence and vanity of our material world and bodies. The performance attempts to deal with death and loss as an integrated part of something new and create a space for the emotional ambivalence and complexity transition requires. Four performers from different disciplines take us on a journey through anxiety, grief, sadness, letting go, healing and coming home again. A digital sound collage of existing baroque and pop music fills the space until it suddenly ends again and again. The performers struggle to find each other and themselves in an overwhelming collage of looping words, sounds and movement. The movement material is a mix of found movement, scores and individual material developed in close collaboration with the performers. Composer Matilde Böcher composed both a solo song as well as some choir pieces that allow the voices to mix with the digital collage. The costumes made by Camilla Lind consist of second-hand clothes reconstructed and inspired by baroque aesthetics and in many layers. Everything in Vanitas was once something else. The performance is made with the wish of making something for – and not about – my own community of queer and trans folks.

Jules Fischer is a visual artist and choreographer educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Their practice is centred around large-scale performances and creating immersive experiences through different media, a multitude of perspectives, senses, and bodies. Basic feelings, such as love, loneliness, and grief, are often central for Jules, but always from an ambivalent and queer point of view.


Choreography, sound design, scent Jules Fischer Performers Andreas Haglund, Ani Bigum Kampe, Julienne Doko, Kai Merke Composer Matilde Böcher Costumes Camilla Lind

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