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Claudia Bosse / theatercombinat
designed desires

1778 Mal gesehen

Datum der Aufzeichnung: 26.04.2013

Ort: Ehemalige Zollamtskantine

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when the passion of every individual becomes a modifiable material for political and economic interests, where are the potentials for social changes?


designed desires debates the forms of expression, longings, body exercises and rituals of the postdemocratic subject in different age classes. a choreography by claudia bosse about desire and communities, pornography and political theory. bodies between the age of 25 and 76 in a network of simultaneously utilised rooms in a transparent 70s-architecture.


an intimate dialogue between the dancers, performers and spectators about the body as the place of desire and political decisions, an inscribed surface and resource of your own capacity of action.


designed desires is the third part of the series political hybrids in collaboration with sound artist günther auer. a search for traces of political self-concepts in the bodies of capitalist societies. after dominant powers. what is to be done then?, an installation-based performance realised in vienna, tunis and zagreb as on-site versions, designed desires is now a setting of (im)possible communities.


concept / choreography / space: claudia bosse, sound: guenther auer, by / with: véronique alain, caroline daish, yoshie maruoka, tara silverthorn, alexandra sommerfeld, florian troebinger and peter-christian dworzak, bozena kunstek, susanna peterka, eva maria schmid, ilse urbanek, christa zuna-kratky, dramaturgy: tobias gerber, realisation light objects / constructions / technical direction: marco toelzer, clothes: vladimir miller in collaboration with lila john, dramaturgical attendance: christine standfest, advisory activity: evelyn annuß, assistant director: marijeta karlovi?, assistant sound: luka bosse, training: caroline decker, michael o'connor, iva rohlik, press: SKYunlimited, production internship: margot wehinger, production assistance: anna etteldorf, production management: serena laker video : günther auer a production by theatercombinat, in coproduction with FFT dusseldorf, supported by kunststiftung NRW and wien kultur, kindly supported by ImPulsTanz - vienna international dance festival

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