Saskia Hölbling
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Ort: Podewil, Berlin

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However, she sees with her fingers. She felt, said, read her mind, her needs and her memories. How much of her absorbs and knows. Yes she felt kindness, radiating towards, relaxes and accepts following through the open window. Her arms, half falling into the invisible, show the low grounds. Free of the flimsy, the substantial velvet of blues on skin. Her head fell in, smooth as a warm rock. Hands folds began to build the rhythm she grasped. She would feel the weight, everybody’s glare joined as a whole, like a cord sustained slowly fading into its overtones. They work loose, eased side by side. Dimly seeing objects, shapes on a table.


(This text is inspired by reading Marge Piercy “Woman on the Edge of Time”

in relation to Lachabmre reading Hölbling reading Goldring made with/out of Lachambre)


Ham and tongue, meat on display, crawling into the embrace, laid down to witness the odd talk. Bone meets eyes. Under tossing flesh, roaring ripples of moaning substance joins the unknown. He becomes it, unlearning his masses, letting them speak of other ways. One becomes other order.


(In response to the first text, triggered memories from Goldring made with/out of Lachambre)


video exhibition: Goldring made with/out of Lachambre, video exhibition: Laurent Goldring, video subject: Benoît Lachambre, performance reading Lachambre reading Hölbling reading Goldring made with/out of Lachambre, artistic direction: Benoît Lachambre, choreography: Benoît Lachambre, Saskia Hölbling, dance, performance: Saskia Hölbling, lights: Krisha, scenography, costume: Lachambre, Hölbling. A co-production by the Tanzquartier Wien and Tanzwerkstatt Berlin. Supported by the City of Vienna.

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